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Costuming Guilds

A small selection of the costuming guilds out on the web, but by no means the only ones out there.

  International Costumers' Guild - Home Page, with many links both for reference and to locate a guild near you.
  Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (SITU) – Also known as Costuming In Seattle, sponsors historic costumed social events in the Seattle vicinity which reflect the most enjoyable aspects of past eras.
  Australian Costumers Guild
  Greater Bay Area Costumers' Guild

Costuming Resources & How To Sites

The official web site for the event known as Costume-Con.
  La Couturiere Parisienne
Features a history from 1400 which includes images from art, period patterns and timelines. Find instructions on making historic costumes
  The Costume Page
A great resource for all things costume.
  Sari Safari Shop

Fabric & Pattern Companies

Historical Re-enactor Groups and Renaissance Faires

  SCA main page
A worldwide organization focusing on the history &recreation of medieval "life"
  Kingdom of AnTir main page
Kingdom including ,Oregon, British Columbia &Northern Idaho
  Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
Group that sponsors historic costumed social events in the Seattle vicinity.
  Puget Sound Chapter of the Jane Austen Society of North America 
Dedicated to discussion of the life and times of the author.

BRCG Members' Pages

Contact the webmaster if you wish to be added.
  Vicki Glover's Page
Vicki, former Grand Pooh-bah of the Beyond Reality Costumer's Guild, enjoys many different types of costuming, but is particularly fond of fantasy/SF costuming, as she delights in putting things like placemats and flowerpots on her head.
  Julie Zetterberg Sardo
Current money fondler of the BRCG.
  Realm of Regalia
Realm of Regalia caters to costumers of many flavors with trims, feathers and accessories.
  The Fitting Room
Custom designed corsets and quality corset making supplies by our own Marie Cooley.


for links to events and meeting locations see the events page.

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