BeyondCon 2014 Programming Schedule

Note: Updated 1/22/204 - Beyondcon Almost Final Programming. Dates and Times still moving – not final


Time Description
 6:00 – 6:50 PM This Is the Year I Am Going To ….”
Continue those costume New Year’s Resolutions! Make a declaration and share what projects you want to get done this year (and why). Re-organize your sewing room? Go through all your patterns? Make that bustle gown or Florentine courtesan you’ve always dreamed of? What will you do this year?
 7:00 – 7:50 PM The Fabulous Book Show and Tell
Now is your chance to boast and brag and show off what you got for Christmas. Bring out your special books from the locked bookcase and show what literary treasures are inspiring your costume designs!
 8:00 pm-? Game Time



TTime Description
 10:00 – 10:50 AM Audio Help for Your Masquerade Presentation
The difference between a good presentation and a great presentation can often be found in the presence and quality of solid audio support. Learn some of the key things to look for in building a strong audio track and some expert hands on advice on how to get the best sound to support your costume presentation.
Erik Prill
 11:00 – 11:50 AM The Fabulous Forties Part I
Return to yesteryear with the Andrew Sisters, USO, War time rations and Babe Ruth. We have a special treat; a walk down memory lane with folks who lived through the 40’s and can speak to what “real” people wore and the influence of print and movies on the shaping of popular concepts of fashion.
  12:00 – 1:00 PM Box Lunch
  1:00 -1:50 PM Scaling up Commercial and Period Patterns
If you costume long enough or opt to use patterns sloped from historical garments, you will need to do some serious pattern manipulation. Fortunately, you do not need a degree in geometry to scale up a pattern to fit a modern figure – we will showcase some key steps that will help you to achieve the smooth fit that you desire.
Richard Stephens
  2:00 -2:50 PM Coifs and Crispenettes – Headgear of the 1340’s
By the mid fourteenth century there was a wide array of hats and headdresses for both men and women that ranged from the practical to the extreme “beauty by impairment” looks. Jonnalyhn takes us on a sartorial safari to look at some of the highlights of late medieval headgear.
Jonnalyhn Wolfcat Prill
  3:00 – 3:50 PM The Fabulous Forties Part II
Discover the wide variety and beautiful elegance of classic 1940’s hairstyling and hair couture. Joanne leads us through the various iconic looks of movie stars, WACs and WAVs, Rosie the Riveter and the Post War break out looks that made this decade standout with some truly beautiful hair styles.
Joanne Spink
  7:00-9:30 PM (ish) Break for dinner and then USO theme dance


Time Description
  9:30-10:20 AM 1640’s The English Civil War
The struggle between Crown and Parliament, the Roundheads and the Cavaliers and the many alliances domestic and abroad that shaped the English Civil War are reviewed and the dress and style of each side is discussed. A fascinating period of history that forever changed the English nation.
Carmen Beaudry
 10:30 – 11:20 AM 40’s Ad Astra – The Shape of Things to Come
If past is prologue then where does the future lie for fashion? We look at some of the major factors that will shape our immediate future for 2040 and try to guess what we will be wearing then.
Torrey Stenmark, Richard Stephens
11:30 AM - 12:25 PM Tea Break
  12:30– 1:20 PM 1540’s Old Europe and the New World
The Great Age of Exploration was in full bloom and sailors returned with exotic tales of the wonders they had seen in the New World. It is a time of great crisis and conflict, as one culture devours another and Spain glides into gilded splendor while the great empires of Meso-America disappear almost completely. We look at the clothing, armor, weapons and other institutions that distinguished the Old and New World and how each side played out in this epic struggle.
Kier Salmon
  1:30- 2:20 PM The 1840’s
The 1840’s saw great changes in England and America, changes that were reflected in the clothing of every day people. We survey the shift from petticoats to crinolines and the early hoops as well as the re-emergence of France as the fashion capital of Europe.
Janet Worley
  2:30 – 3:20PM Fashions of the 1340’s
A survey of the major fashion looks of the 1340’s and the events and cultural influences that shaped popular fashion back then. Men and women’s looks as well as regional specialties showcased.
Jonnalyhn Wolfcat Prill
  1  –  3:30 PM Wrap up, adjourn and then Thrift Store Crawl