Saturday Sunday
Time Con Suite Rainier Room Time Con Suite Rainier Room
9:00     9:00 Paper tape dummy   
9:30   Costume Project Show and Tell 9:30
10:00 Casting In Silicone How to translate a Historical
pattern to one that works
for me!
10:00 Trim Embellishment 
10:30 10:30 Putting Hustle into your Bustle
and perfecting your Butterfly
11:00 Painting and weathering  Historical Pattern Review 11:00 Puff Pattern Work,
There Will be Math
11:30 11:30 Glue This to That 
12:00 LUNCH 12:00 Sewing Latex Clothing: 
12:30 12:30  
1:00 Shibori dye technique   Move that Dart! 
2:00 Shortcut patternmaking techniques
3:00 Explorations into thermal plastics,
resins, and foam smithing
More is More!
4:00 How to create costume or art
embellishments with a burn tool 
Project Planning for the Big Build
5:00 Measurement session   
5:30 Break for Dinner
Set-up Rainier Room for Saturday Night Dancce
8:00   It’s a Big World After All Dance”